Pudebetræk af natursilke (kraftig organza), ufarvet silke. [12882]

Varenr.: 12882
Dimensioner: 39 cm × 39 cm
Vægt: 70 g
På lager: > 3 stk
Pris: DKK 250,00

Disse puder er syet af vores meget kraftige organza i natursilke. (Se samme silke i metervarer) De er lidt rustikke og slidstærke. Syet med for.
Den er i ufarvet silke. Natursilke er ikke hvid men gullig, derfor kaldes den gul silke i Cambodia.

ca. 70 gram pr. stk.

The pillowcases are woven from strong organza silk and the raw material is undyed wild silk.
We also have the same silk is as fabric sold by the meter/yard in our online shop.

The pillowcases are somewhat rustic and very durable. Sewn with inner lining.

This particular silk is undyed wild silk from Cambodia. Wild silk is not pure white but lightly yellow, which is why it is called yellow silk in Cambodia.